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You are worried that your boyfriend or husband is beginning to think way too much about one of those young things in the other pasture. You know the grass isn't really greener over there, but your man doesn't. Now is the time to make sure he sees just how green your grass is and how much better in all ways you are than that "Other Woman" his eyes and mind keep drifting to. Learn to beat the "Other Woman" now so you aren't asking how to get your ex back a month from now. You can try to Save Your Marriage

What He Sees. Take a fresh look in the mirror and see yourself as men see you. Men are driven by the visual when it comes to women and sex. It's perfectly natural for a man to watch with appreciation as a pretty woman goes by, and you can use that natural instinct to your own advantage.

Surprise your man by putting some extra thought into all those fun and artistic ways you can grab his eye and all his other important parts. First you have to please yourself. If you like the way you look, it will show and you will be even more attractive than you might be on those sloppy days when you haven't given it much thought.

Is it a new hairstyle or a new color lipstick, or maybe a new style of clothes? It doesn't have to be dramatic but it might be. Try covering what you usually expose or exposing what you usually cover up. Try a new color you don't usually wear. Surprise your man by dressing up when he doesn't expect it, and dressing down in a deliberately sexy style when he doesn't expect it. Make sure he sees that the place he wants to be is on your side of the fence where the grass is just fine. Shop for something really sexy and exciting that is guaranteed to surprise him.

What He Thinks. Even for men, looks are not everything. A man likes to be interested in his life companion even when his eyes tend to wander to potential air-headed arm candy. Make sure your man knows that you can be an intriguing friend, partner, and lover in both body and in mind. Surprise your man with your comments on a book he would not expect you to read. Suggest to him that you go to a place he least expects, maybe a film that is neither chick flick nor action movie, or maybe to a play or a museum that he least expects you to suggest.

Physical passion is important, but so is mental engagement. Engage your man in debate, conversation and serious opinions about both serious and stupid topics. Keep him guessing what you are going to want to talk about next. But, surprise him even more with your silence. Sometimes saying nothing is more noticeable than chatter. Make him wonder what you are thinking, and make him want to join you on your mental journey.

These are only a few ideas to start. For the real story on how to defeat the Other Woman and keep your man by your side, or get him to come back after he has wandered, take a look at what an expert with real experience has to say in THE MAGIC OF MAKING UP.

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